So THAT'S What They Look Like!

Radio portraits! Thirty ink drawings of voices I know from my NPR and podcast habit.

Jad Abumrad—Radiolab/More Perfect

Eleanor Beardsley—NPR News

Zoey Chase—Planet Money

Art Chung—Ask Me Another

Korva Coleman—All Things Considered

Audie Cornish—All Things Considered

Ophiera Eisenberg—Ask Me Another

Corey Flintoff—NPR News

Ira Glass—This American Life

Don Gonyea—NPR News

Terry Gross—Fresh Air

Scott Horsely—NPR News
Elise Hu—NPR News

Steve Inskeep—Morning Edition

Jess Jiang—Planet Money

Carl Kassel—Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

Robert Krulwich—Radiolab
Bill Kurtis—Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

Roman Mars—99% Invisible

Renée Montagne—Morning Edition

Latif Nasser—Radiolab

Diane Rehm—The Diane Rehm Show

Phoebe Robinson—2 Dope Queens

Peter Segal—Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

Will Shortz—Weekend Edition Sunday (Puzzlemaster)

Robert Siegal—All Things Considered

Lakshmi Singh—NPR News

Lea Thau—Strangers

Glynn Washington—Snap Judgement

Jessica Williams—2 Dope Queens

(No it's not, but still.)

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